What Destination Cities Should You Consider Getting a Rental Home In?

Destination cities are usually on the map and your bucket list for many different reasons. They offer more than just one landmark, and often you want to stay for a bit longer than just a weekend. Renting a vacation home is a fantastic way to get the most out of any city you visit. A vacation home offers more privacy and more amenities than many hotels and are often in the same price range. Having ample space to spread out and live in, plus a kitchen at your disposal can make any vacation more rewarding, relaxing, and unique. Consider some popular destination cities below for a one-of-a-kind experience that will get you out of over-run hotels, and into a vacation home of your very own.


This bustling city is a perennial favorite of vacationers looking for non-stop fun. Hotels abound in the area around the Damrak and Centraal but moving towards the outskirts affords a whole different vibe to the city. Consider a traditional Dutch row house in De Pijp for a quieter experience that still provides easy access to everything from the Museumplein to the inner canals. Or if you simply want to relax away from the crowds and enjoy some quiet time cycling along peaceful canals on your own, try searching out a more modern waterside domicile between Amsterdam and Haarlem. Easy access from Schipol airport makes this area a favorite for those looking to experience Amsterdam without getting immersed in it.



The City of Love is an ideal destination for those wanting romance, and what could be better than arriving at your own private vacation home with a market and bakery in easy walking distance? Investigate Montmartre if you are in the mood for something more bohemian, with cafes and brasseries situated along the streets where Picasso himself used to live and work. Soak in the view of the city below from your private balcony as you end the day with a bottle of wine and some bleu d’Avergne.



Always at the top of the list when it comes to destination cities, London is truly a crown jewel for travelers looking to rent a home for their visit. From ultra-posh Knightsbridge to cozy Soho, there is no shortage of variety. With so many possibilities to choose from, it is advisable to use a secure and reputable rental security service. Try London Connection for a user-friendly format that shows a clear overview of different rentals and their amenities: https://londonconnection.com/


Renting a vacation home in a destination city will give you a truly unique perspective on the heart and soul of these metropolises. Do your research and enjoy every minute of your stay in a whole new way.

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