Holiday Wonder at Niagara Falls

Embrace the spirit of the holiday season near Holiday Homes’ inviting properties, just a short drive from the iconic Niagara Falls! We’re thrilled to invite you to a festive extravaganza filled with spectacular events and enchanting experiences in Southern Niagara.

Colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky over Niagara Falls, reflecting on the water below.
New Year’s Eve Fireworks at the Falls:
Ring in the New Year with a spectacular display! On December 31st at 12:00 am, witness breathtaking fireworks illuminating the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Enjoy the perfect view from Queen Victoria Park, conveniently accessible from our properties.

Aerial view of the Niagara Parkway adorned with millions of vibrant lights for the Winter Festival of Lights, creating a magical scene.
Winter Festival of Lights:
Explore the dazzling Winter Festival of Lights along the eight-kilometre stretch of the Niagara Parkway. Marvel at millions of radiant lights transforming nature and the Falls into a mesmerizing wonderland. Experience this enchanting journey just a short drive away!

A Christmas tree-shaped display made of beautiful Poinsettia flowers at the Niagara Parks' annual Poinsettia Show, showcasing vibrant holiday colors.
Niagara Parks’ Annual Poinsettia Show:
Step into a holiday oasis at the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse! Immerse yourself in traditional holiday landscapes featuring vibrant colours and captivating lights. Admire hundreds of meticulously cultivated poinsettias, adding to the festive cheer near our properties.

Visitors immersed in the mesmerizing 'Currents' light show at the Niagara Parks Power Station, experiencing interactive visuals and captivating lights.
‘Currents’ at Niagara Parks Power Station:
Journey into history and experience ‘Currents,’ an immersive sight and sound night show at the historic Niagara Parks Power Station. Witness the transformation of water to power through interactive media and captivating sensory experiences, just moments away from our accommodations.

At Holiday Homes, we’re delighted to offer properties in close proximity to these incredible holiday events. Explore the magic of the season while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our accommodations in Southern Niagara.

Whether you’re seeking a festive getaway with family or planning a holiday retreat with friends, our properties provide the perfect home base for your holiday adventures. Make your stay a memorable one as you immerse yourself in the wonder and joy of the Southern Niagara region’s holiday festivities.

Join us for a season filled with wonder and celebrations near Holiday Homes’ properties in Southern Niagara. Contact us today to book your holiday stay and experience the magic of the holidays just moments away from Niagara Falls!

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