Fast Packing Tips for Visiting Your Weekend Vacation Home

When you want to pack quickly, you should always have a few tips ready to make the process easier. Whether you go on regular visits to your weekend vacation home, or are always traveling for work, knowing how to pack quickly and efficiently is a skill that pays for itself. By packing faster, you can begin to enjoy your weekend sooner!

Get Luggage on Wheels

Be sure to find the best luggage possible so you can pack faster and get it stored quickly. You may want a suitcase that has different compartments so you can slide a pair of shoes into a covered pouch along with separating undergarments from outerwear.


Pack Mix and Match Garments

To make packing for a weekend easier, have mix and match garments ready you can create multiple outfits from only a few shirts, slacks, and jackets. Stick to basic colors such as black, navy, or white for jackets and skirts while having brightly colored T-shirts. Pairing clothing is a great way to cut down on suitcase space as well as weight.


Roll and Fold Carefully

You can save space in your luggage by folding or rolling garments carefully along the seams to squeeze out any air. By rolling and folding clothing tightly, the items are less likely to become wrinkled during the traveling process as well.


Bring Along Layers

If the weather can change drastically at your vacation home, then bring along layering garments to have enough warmth in cold temperatures. Pack a lightweight tank top along with T-shirt that you can layer. In addition, have a sweater and jacket that you can wear outside while walking. Have a good pair of dress shoes and another waterproof pair for outdoor use.


Choose Washable Clothing

When you choose clothing for traveling, select fabrics that are easy to wash and dry. If you arrive at your vacation home on Friday night, then you can wash the outfit that you wore to wear home on Sunday night. With this method, you won’t need to bring along as many garments.


Use Sealable Plastic Bags

Be sure to put your makeup and beauty care items in a sealable plastic bag to prevent any spills on your footwear and clothing. When you want to reduce the weight in a suitcase, buy small empty bottles at a drugstore to use for your body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.


Don’t Over-Pack

If you have a weekend home, then you can keep some essential items in that location to cope with an emergency that requires more clothing or toiletry supplies. If you use a property management service, they can help provide you with lists of things you might need to bring or re-stock before you come. With this packing method, you won’t need to carry a heavy bag to your vehicle before leaving for a fun weekend. You can also keep travel bags in both locations to cut down on packing and unpacking times.


Protect Valuables

If you want to bring along valuable items such as camera equipment or a laptop computer, use a hard-shell case that will protect these devices from damage. You can also find case options with added padding, compartments and locks to help prevent any valuables you might be transporting.


Create a master list of what you need to pack for each season when you are visiting your vacation home. This will help you to remember essential items such as prescription medications and what might already be prepared at the vacation home that you won’t need to pack.

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